Our Brands


Our company provides a wide variety of OEM/ODM product services.
We provide even for smaller orders, catering to the needs of our customers.
Produce your new products at high quality and safe factories in a reasonable time.


Seibun Kenkyu-jo

"Seibun Kenkyu-jo" is our website for research nutrition.
At our research lab we are constantly looking for new solutions for better and safer products,
using various nutrients and methods.
This is how we can create more and more effective products to you, our customers.
Get your latest research results and nutritional facts here!



‘We want to provide the world with Japanese quality products’ was the thought when we began our Alibaba operations.
We now offer a large variety of wholesale and material products made in Japan for businesses around the world!


Official Online Shop

This is our official domestic online store.
Here we sell all our products from a wide variety of target audiences.
We model our products around our concept: “healthy future”,
and offer health foods, supplements, beauty care products, among others.



MONOVO brand Official Site.
MONOVO products are for the modern man who takes care of himself.
We sell men’s cosmetics and hair care products, among others, under the MONOVO brand.
Improve your image for practical benefits!



LadyEnss brand Official Site.
Website for beauty and health products for women who endear their femininity, health, and beauty.



Bugoom Official website.
Our concept is ‘Insect foods to save the future’.
Insect foods are eaten worldwide. Our products are safe, high quality products rich in nutrients.
Explore the world of insect foods with us!


Nihon Tsuhan Center

“Nihon Tsuhan Center” was made around the concept of providing people with things they did not even know they need!
Here we sell a large collection of products popular in Japan.
We are thankful to our customers for our success!