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Company Policy

About Japan supplement foods Co.,Ltd.

We at Japan Supplement Foods Co. Ltd. hope to provide health and smiles to our customers both in Japan and worldwide. Based in Fukuoka, Japan, all the members of our company are striving for this goal.

We consider ourselves to be “health partners” with our customers and aim for products that can help to be the part of our customers’ health. We do not want to merely sell, but to also to provide joy, happiness and health to anyone who uses our products.

Our employees put their heart in to their work which can be sensed from our products.

We hope to enrich your lives, to make you feel thankful for your everyday life. The best feeling for us is when a customer expresses this in their feedback.

Company Policy


Devotion for High Quality Ingredients

Japan Supplement Foods provides products made from ingredients that are carefully inspected for nutrients and we make sure no harmful substances such as heavy metals, arsenic, pesticides, or bacteria end up in our products.

Our goal is to provide products from safe and high-quality ingredients so our customers can use our products without worry.

We think it is obvious that health foods and supplements should be made from safe and healthy ingredients.

The ingredients we use are handpicked and we go to inspect the production environments in person in order to be sure of the quality, both domestically and abroad.



Comprehensive Quality Inspections to Ensure Safety

To ensure safety to our customers, our products are consistently manufactured in well managed Japanese factories.

All our production facilities operate under GMP* and HACCP* principles, which are far stricter than even the already strict regular Japanese regulations.

We hope to create products that you will want to share to your family and friends. To achieve this we do not make any compromises with quality.

*GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. In practice this means the careful management and inspection for quality from the production of materials all the way to shipping.
HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, which is a program for analyzing potential risk factors and ensuring safety for food products.



“Is This Good Enough for our Customers?”

Our health foods and supplements all face a systematic and objective safety evaluation.

As customer safety is our utmost priority, unlike most health foods and supplements, all our products are human tested.


Labels and Traceability

Clear Labels and Clear Origin

Our packages and website contain information about the ingredients used in our products. All the packages will contain all the used ingredients, as well as nutrient values of our products. A dditionally, we have created a tracing system for our customers to find out where each ingredient has been before it reached their hands.

In the unlikely event that a problem arises in any of our products, it will be easy to identify the source of our problem thanks to this system. We have set the system so that our customers can confidently use our products, knowing their safety is of primary interest to us.

We believe this to be basis of reliability.

Labels and Traceability

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You Can Buy our Products 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year from our Official Online Store.

At Japan Supplement Foods Online Shop, you can buy our health products aimed at all ages and genders. You can buy all our high-quality health foods, supplements, and beauty care products there.

Also, please utilize our limited offers and sales!

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