Privacy policy

Handling of Private Information

Japan Supplement Foods Co., Ltd. (we/us) is a company involved in various business activities such as health food and beauty product developing, publishing, selling, wholesaling, Mail order business, eCommerce business, WEB Developing, Designing, Advertising, and Consulting. We store our customers’ (your) and employees’ private information (private information includes specific personal information such as addresses and telephone numbers, etc.). In many of these activities, private information of our customers is used. Handling and protecting your information are a very important parts of our work and we are aware of our responsibility as a company handling such information.
Accordingly, when we handle your information, we observe the following guidelines to ensure the safety of both you and us.

Privacy Guidelines
  1. Regarding Acquisition, Use, and Provision of Private Information:
    • All information shall be obtained through lawful and fair means.
    • We will use private information only to the extent necessary.
    • When sharing private information to a third party, we will confirm the approval person in question first.
    • We may not use your private information for purposes other than those defined in the personal information protection management systems (PMS, JIS Q 15001).
    • If we need to use your information for purposes not previously agreed upon, we need permission from you.
  2. Regarding Japanese Laws and Guidelines set by the State:
    • It is our responsibility to be aware, comprehend, and follow laws and guidelines regarding privacy (hereafter privacy regulations). We are also responsible that all our employees also are aware and follow privacy regulations.
  3. Regarding our Safe Management of Private Information
    • We have established precautionary systems to reduce risks such as unauthorized access to private information, information breach, information loss or damage, among others.
    • During our regular inspections, whenever we discover violations or problems in our management of private information, we make sure to attend to these issues in a prompt manner.
    • We provide personal information training to our employees.
  4. Regarding Complaints and Inquiries.
    • With regards to complaints and inquiries regarding the management of personal information, it is our responsibility to provide sincere and prompt correspondence to each inquiry.
  5. With Regards to Continuous Improvement
    • Our managers are constantly inspecting and observing potential problems in our information protection management system for the purpose of protecting your private information and preventing violations and accidents due to failure to observe internal privacy protection rules.
    • Our aims for improvement are based on JISQ15001 protocol.
Management of Private Information

Under JISQ15001:2006 requirements and, we are obliged to list the following information:

[ Purposes of Private Information Acquisition not via Form ]
Private Information Type Purpose Disclosure
N/A - -
[ Purposes for Which Private Information is Used ]
Private Information Type Purpose
Private information from someone who sent an inquiry Correspondence, service guidance
Customer, business partner information Contact with customer, business partner. Contract implementation, execution.
Information from recruitment applicants Recruitment, contact
Employee information HR, general affairs, and other employment management.
Disclosure Procedure

The following notification procedures will be followed whenever any of the following is done using private information: disclosure, correction of contents, addition or removal of contents, suspension of use, deletion or stoppage of providing information to a third party, (hereafter: request for disclosure).

  1. Application for Request for Disclosure

    All requests for disclosure will be in the form of a form sent by mail with all the required documents attached. When mailing the form back, please use a form of mail that allows you to track or confirm the delivery of the documents such as registered mail etc.
    Marking the sent envelope with [Contains Private Information] in red is preferred.

  2. Documents Submitted for Disclosure Requests

    When filling the form, please fill in all the requested fields on the forms we send and send the document via mail.

  3. Identity Confirmation

    We will perform a phone check to confirm your identity. However, if you are unable to use a phone, please send a copy of your identification (driver’s license, passport, etc.).

  4. Request for Disclosure from a Representative

    When entrusting the filling of the request for disclosure forms to a representative, please enclose the following documents in addition to the request for disclosure form.
    (1)The representative’s proof of identification (Copy)
    Driver’s License, Resident Card, Passport, etc. Copy.
    *Please include the copy of an ID that includes a permanent address.

    (2)Authorization (signed with a registered stamp, with a copy of the registration document included. If the representative is a member of your immediate family, attach a document that displays the familial relationship.)
  5. Costs Associated with Request for Disclosure

    A \500 handling fee will be charged for each request for disclosure.
    Please attach a \500 postal fixed-rate postal exchange (定額小為替) with the form.。
    You are responsible for attaching the fixed-rate postal exchange with your mail.
    Be aware that, if the money is not sent or insufficient, we cannot provide a notice of disclosure.

  6. How do we Respond to a Request for Disclosure etc.

    We will send the response to you to your billing address.

For any questions, inquiries, or complaints, please contact us at the following address:

Japan Supplement Foods Co., Ltd.

Private Information Inquiries
810-0042 Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka-City, Chuo-Ward, Akasaka, 1-10-24

Enacted : February 1st 2019

Last Revision : April 18th 2019

Japan Supplement Foods Co., Ltd.